The EU-case splits Theresa Mays conservative party. It can only get worse despite the EU-solution

*This is a translated version of an Norwegian article from The divorce process has been problematic the whole time, due to British clarity, but at least as much because Brussels has shown little determination to find a satisfactory solution for the British. Someone had hoped things would be better only Theresa May had her […]

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Hidden figures

The movie hidden figures is about three African-American woman who worked as mathematicians for NASA during their first space program. At that time access of technology was really small, and today our toasters have more technology then computers at the time. Kathrine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), Mary Jackson (Janelle Monae) and Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) fight […]

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Study Abroad

There are tons of reasons why you should study abroad, even if it’s just for one semester, a full studie or volunteering. Schools all over the world have studies that are perfect for students from other parts of the world. If studying for several years far from home seems scary, most universities in Norway actually […]

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Different Variations of English

Today there are almost 400 million that speak English as their first language, and even more speak it as a foreign language. English is a language that’s important for people from small countries to communicate with the rest of the world. Often there are the people of these countries that speaks the best English. In […]

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Gran Torino: Questions & Answers

We watched the movie Gran Torino today in International English class. In the movie we meet Walt Kowalski and his Hmong neighbours. Walt had issues with his neighbours because of his beliefs. The movie starts of with Walt’s wife dying, and in her funeral we meet the priest. Walt’s wife had asked him to look […]

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Donald Trump visits Sandvika

Fake news is a topic that Trump, Facebook, Google and others are fighting. Trump has accused CNN of being fake news after it came out that Russia helped him win the election. It is easy to be fooled by pop up news on Facebook, unreliable news, and believe whats being said in the articles. Making fake news […]

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