Study Abroad

There are tons of reasons why you should study abroad, even if it’s just for one semester, a full studie or volunteering. Schools all over the world have studies that are perfect for students from other parts of the world. If studying for several years far from home seems scary, most universities in Norway actually offer exchange programs for one semester. On the other hand, if you’re one of those who want a timeout between high school and further studies, there are a lot of volunteer programs. You can work and earn money, or help out for free with animals or humans in need.

Volunteering in Refugee camps

The volunteer program that I would like to work with is working with refugees. There are many ways to volunteer, but each organisation have different claims you need for working for them. Some want you to have other volunteer experience from before, or that you need to be an certain age. I would like to work for The UNHCR, because their main focus is to help refugees. They have refugee camps you can help at, or you can help refugees that’s new to a country. I want to help others in need, and of course you can help animals but I want to do something more. To get volunteer experience I’ll have to work with refugees in Norway and then probably lions in Africa, before I get to work for the UNHCR.

I think volunteering at a refugee camp can be very challenging mentally, but I feel like donating some money isn’t enough when their life is so unfair. The UNHCR help out in Europe, Iraq, South Sudan, Syria, Sudan, Yemen and the Central African Republic. So there are several places you can go. I feel that if I’m going to take a year of my life to volunteering, I want to help the ones who need it the most. I want to make a different in someones life for the positive.


Bond University 

If I were to go and studie in another country there is no doubt on where I would go. On the gold coast of Australia you find Bond University. I’ve never been to Australia but there is something about the country that has me intrigued. The climate, history and culture is so different from Bærum in Norway. A two year studie where I get a bachelor in International Relations is something I see my self doing.

Australia in general get students from all over the world, and the schools and universities are good at adjusting the classes. The first language of Australia is English, so I wouldn’t have to learn a new language. Having a whole studie in another language will probably be challenging at first, but after a few months I think it will come naturally. Bond university is good at having school events that you can participate in to get to know you fellow students. Another huge pluss is that the school is located on the gold coast near surfers paradise, which dosen’t sound half bad.


The negatives of studying abroad depends on the person you ask. An outgoing person who loves meeting new people would probably love a year abroad, but a more close person won’t enjoy it as much. You often here only the good reasons of studying abroad, but there is a down side to everything. The first obstacle will be money, in Norway we are blessed with a welfare system that basically pays for our education, but not all countries have it that way. Universities abroad are more expensive, so at the same time as you probably have to work hard with school (because of the language), you have to work to afford school. The second negative is as I just mentioned, the classes are in a foreign language. This will make the school som much harder, and you have to worker harder then you would with classes in your mother tongue. Other negative sides can be that you are far away from your loved ones, it’s hard to adjust a new culture, you’ll probably feel alone at first, but all this is going to get solved. You are not alone, and many other have done and felt the same way you have, it will be okey.




Different Variations of English

Today there are almost 400 million that speak English as their first language, and even more speak it as a foreign language. English is a language that’s important for people from small countries to communicate with the rest of the world. Often there are the people of these countries that speaks the best English. In bigger countries with a more prevalent language, the need of English fades away. Spanglish, Indian English and Swenglish are mixes of English and other languages.


Spanglish has become a common expression because of its prevalence. In the United States they’re called hispanic and have population of 1.5 million. Hispanos are immigrants from Latino America, and over the years they’ve developed almost their own language. Spanglish is a bit different from the other variations of English. In both Indian english and swenglish they speak english but with an accent and grammar from their language. In spanglish they use som Spanish words in sentences in addition to the grammar and accent. It’s most common in Miami, because most immigrants from Latino America move there since the climate is so similar.

Indian english

In the early 1600 the first brits came to India, and the country was ruled by British until 1947. Through Christian missionaries english was taught to the population. Today the English is the second official language in India. It’s spoken by 4% of the population, which may sound like a small amount, but in a population that big that’s around 35 million English speakers. This makes India the largest English speaking community outside of the US and the UK. There’s still a lot of people that don’t speak english in India. A reason can be that the population is so big that they don’t feel the need to learn english.


Swenglish is a mix of English and Swedish. We divide swenglish between mixing English with Swedish grammar and speaking English with an Swedish accent. Sweden is a small country and its hard to talk Swedish outside of Scandinavia, therefor a big percentage of the population speak English. In all Scandinavian  countries they start learning english in a early age, that’s also why they score the highest in the new study on english skills around the world.