Will Donald Trump get three more years?

Donald Trump has been president for almost one full year now. The maiden year of his career as the highest ranking chosen official has been full of political intrigues and discussions. It has surely been a turbulent year for his administration, and the question that everyone keeps asking is if he will last for another three years.

One of the biggest threats to Trump and his administration is the Russian interference investigation led by Robert Mueller. If Trump and his campaign are found guilty in collaborating and acting at the behest of Moscow, a possible impeachment would be easier to go through. Congresswoman Maxine Waters(D) has led the fight to get him impeached. Impeachment seems to be far fetched to many, but we never know what impulsive and unconstitutional thing Trump can do to lead to impeachment.

Bilderesultat for donald trump impeach

Trump has also offended nearly everyone with statements against the entire continent of Africa and large portions of the non-white world. This type of foreign policy blunders embarasses large segments of the American public and their chosen officials. These foreign policy blunders can lead to calls for him to resign, or make his three last years in office harder. This incident supposedly happend during a bipartisan closed meeting about immigration reform. Several high ranking Democrats who attended the meeting say that they heard the President of the United States call an entire continent and several carribean nations for “shitholes”. He also supposedly said that he would prefer immigrants from Norway. This is only a few days after he met his Norwegian counterpart PM Solberg.

There is also an election coming up soon for the senate and house. If the Democratic party manages to mobilize the voters, they could gain majority in both the senate and the house. This could be unfavorable for the current administration. It would also stop all of Trumps bissare and out of touch law proposals like funding for the supposed wall on the southern border. 6th of November this year people are going to the voting booths. If Trump is impeached, Mike Pence his VP will be the president out the term. Pence is known as a conservative man who refuses to be or dine alone with women except his amily and his wife.

Many people have called President Trump an unpredictable man, so only time will tell us if he can last throughout his entire term! WE hope not


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