The US Political system and the movie Recount

In the US, they have an indirect election system.  The 8th of November every fourth year, there is election day in the states. Before this, the presidential candidates have been elected within the parties. Any American citizen can vote for their favorite candidate, but this will only determine if the candidate gets the electors of the state. This system is what we call “The Electoral College”. The number of electors a state has is based on the population. The most populous state is California and has 55 electors. Smaller states can have down to only three electors. The candidate that gets most votes get all the electors in that state. There are 538 electors, so to win the election a candidate needs 270.

In the 2000 election between George W. Bush and Al Gore, the media announced that Bush had won before all the votes were counted. The President is not elected before December, the media often announce this in early November. Al Gore, therefore, conceded (to concede means to admit, or to acknowledge the truth) because he thought he lost the election.

Al Gore retracted his concession because the votes in Florida weren’t counted properly. The limit for a machine recount was reached, which happens when the difference between the candidates is under 1 %. There had been trouble with the method of puncturing the ballots. Some wholes hadn’t gone all the way and therefore wasn’t counted. The Democrats then initiated a hand recount when they discovered the shape of the old voting machines to make sure those ballots who weren’t punctured properly would count. This was a threat to Bush because it happened in a district of Florida that Al Gore was most likely to win. The Republicans actively tried to stop the hand recount because they originally had won the election, and they were, of course, afraid to lose. There became many issues with the hand recount, one of the biggest was that the encounters had different opinions on the standard of the puncturing.


To be continued…(waiting for my groups content)


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