Character description of Will & Marcus (About a Boy)

Marcus and Will are the main characters the book “About a Boy”, I choose to compere these to because they so opposite of each other. Will is a 36-years-old man, who is very immature for his age. He is very closed up and self centered. I think this quote describes how he thinks; “You had to live in your own bubble. You couldn’t force your way into someone else’s, because then it wouldn’t be a bubble any more.” To me it seams that he don’t want to be happy, he don’t want a family and he most certainly don’t want any feelings. He makes that very clear when he says: “What good were real feelings anyway?” Marcus is 12-years-old and very mature for his age. His mother Fiona is very depressed and this has a huge impact on Marcus. “That was his mother. When she wasn’t crying over the breakfast cereal, she was laughing about killing herself.” Is a quote that is said by Marcus in the book. I think this describes how he has to deal with his mother and how it affects him. The same with this quote actually: “There had been times when he knew, somewhere in him, that he would get used to it, whatever it was, because he had learnt that some hard things became softer after a very little while.” It’s a quote of what he thinks when he comes home to his depressed mother everyday. Marcus and Will are very opposite of each other, but there is one thing that they both feel subconsciously. In the beginning of the book neither of them are happy. But when they meet they start making each other happy. I think it’s beautiful how two people can make such a big difference in their lives.


Book review: About a Boy

“No man is an island…”

“About a Boy” is written by Nick Hornby, an author form England. Nick Hornby is 58 and based in London. He has won several awards for his work and he has also sold millions of copies of his books. One of his most famous books is “About a Boy”. It was published in 1998 and made into a film in 2002.

The books to main characters are Marcus and Will. Marcus is 12-years-old and is very mature for his age. He gets bullied for the way he dresses and acts at school. He comes from a single parent family and he lives with his mother Fiona in London. Fiona is divorced and depressed. She has a hippie attitude to life and this has a clear effect on Marcus. Fiona is in a group called SPAT (single parents alone together) this is where Marcus meets Will. Will is a 36-year-old, immature man. He lives of the money that his father made from his one famous song. He only care about himself, and lives by the opposite of the quote “No man is an island…” He makes up a fake son to join SPAT, because he thinks that it would be a perfect place to pick up women. When Marcus meets Will he gets very curious and stalks him around. Marcus discovers that Will doesn’t have a kid, and he starts hanging around at Will’s place after school. Will starts to open up to Marcus. Will buys him clothes that he wouldn’t be bullied for, and after a while will introduce him to the band Nirvana. Marcus becomes friends with a girl Ellie that is very though and she protects Marcus from getting bullied.

The theme of the novel is that growing up doesn’t have to do anything with your age. It’s really about growing up at different speeds and accepting people different then you. I think that the book is suitable for teenagers and young adults. I would not recommend the book to a kid, because the plot is a bit complicated. A kid wouldn’t understand it all, and then I think the book would get really boring.

Personally I wouldn’t read it again or recommend it to a person like me. This is just because the plot has a lack of excitement and there are more the characters that speak for themselves. I definitely think that there are many who would enjoy the book, but then you have to like a book that plays on your feelings. The author did succeed there is no doubt of that. Nick Hornby writs perfectly for him genre, and anyone who likes that genre would enjoy “About a Boy”.



Film review: Life of Pi


The movie “Life of Pi” tells us the story of Piscine Molitor. Piscine grew up in India with is mother, father and brother Ravi. His parents own a zoo and Piscine works here while he catches an interest in the Bengal Tiger, Richard Parker. At a young age he was introduced to Islam and Christianly, and despite that he already is Hindu he decides to follow all three religions. He develops a strong relationship with God trough all three religions. At 16 Pi (Short for Piscine) and his family decides to move to Canada. They had realized that is they sold all of their animals they could afford it. His mother and father take all the animals with them on a big boat, as well with the family. One night the ship finds it self in a big storm while Pi runs around on deck. The ship starts to sink and Pi doesn’t find his family before someone throws him onto a lifeboat. So he watches the ship sink and his family drown. He is then left alone at sea in a lifeboat. There are four animals with him in the boat in the beginning. But three of them die very fast and Pi is alone with the tiger Richard Parker. This makes it a lot more challenging and Pi struggles with having the tiger there.

The highlight of the film was in my opinion when Pi and Richard Parker stranded on the mysterious island made out of floating plants. They eat, sleep, and drink water and charges up to continue the journey. I didn’t like the ending and found it very disappointing. In the end we get to know that the story wasn’t true, and that there wasn’t any tiger. I liked the story, but for me they could have left that part out. I’m very impressed with the actor that plays Pi at sea. He has shot almost the whole movie alone and it much more challenging to act with only you. It’s easier to slip out of character when you’re alone. He should really be praised for his part, I can’t have been easy to have his part. A special effect that should be mention is the animals and the storms at sea. The storms where so realistic, and looked almost that they could have been real. The same with the animals, I really questioned myself if they where real or not. But to have a so tamed tiger doesn’t seam realistic. After all I liked the movie, not really my type of genre but it was kind of thrilling.

In this review it seams like the reviewer is very impressed by the film, because he use words like “magnificent” to describe the film. He also points out the acting in the film, but not too much. He points out the acting by the two oldest people that play Pi. The reviewer reveals a lot of the plot with a lot of details, but it doesn’t reveal the ending either. So I guess he writes just a bit too much. Ang Lee was the one directing the movie, and the reviewer talks about him very enchanted. He writes more about the director then the actors, and it seams like he’s a big fan. After reading it a couple of times, I still can’t find any criticism. I think there might be something behind some irony, but other then that it’s nothing straightforward. I think the writer of this review could write more about the acting and the actors. They’re after all a big part of the movie. This review makes me look at this movie cheesier, when I actually liked it before I read the review. I don’t really know why, but it might be because the review was written sort of cheesy. I actually found the review hard to read, nothing was straightforward. Witch is how I think a film review should be written. This got to complicated and the reviewer mix the points together. This makes it harder to understand what he means, and what to say with the review.