My advice to the Minister of Education

Last Friday I went to a conference at NHO with my International English class where we listened to teachers, companies and politicians talk about technology in schools. There were tre teachers (including our english teacher) who spoke about their experiences with new technology. It was really interesting to listen to how they have to deal with the technological changes in the society, and how they have adapted to this. This was the engaging to hear, because it gave me a insight in how the teachers felt.

So my advice to the Minister of Education after listening to the teachers is to adapt the schools after the technology today. Get teachers motivated to use new learning techniques, but do not over do this. In my opinion giving out iPads to small kids is wrong, I think this distracts them from learning their curriculum. In such a early age school is not supposed to be so serious. Giving out iPad is allowing kids to play on them instead of listening to the teachers. I am very pro using technology to make students more engaged in the lectures, but there has to be a limit on how much technology being used.

One of the teachers at BI had many great ideas on how to include technology in her lectures and outside school time. She made short youtube clips to share with her students that gave them something to reflect on until the next lecture. Since there are a lot of students in one class at BI she found a soft box she could use. The box is soft and has a microphone, so when she asked a question in her lecture she could throw it to whoever she wanted to answer. I think her ideas is just the amount of technology there should be in a class at school.

Technology in school should be more customised the society we live in, it is not like we suddenly will stop using technology. The society can not adjust the schools, therefor schools have to give after. This is also something teachers should be aware of. I know many teachers not like these changes, but this is just how the society is developing.


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