How the media portrays the two candidates

How social media and news stations present the candidates in the US presidential election has a huge impact on the voters. What you read on facebook or in newspapers isn’t always neutral and it’s important to know whom the media supports.


Fox news is one of the biggest TV news channels in the US and claims to be a neutral news network, but they seem to be a bit more on the republic side. On their webpage they have various articles about the US election. In the headlines of the articles you can already see that they´re supporting Trump more.

CNN was the first big news channel in USA, and is considered relatively neutral in the election. They cover the election with political debates held by the hosts of the show. Both representatives are able to say their own opinions, witch leads to CNN standing neutral.


New york times is the biggest newspaper in New York and has been on print since 1851. They follow the election close and their election forecast claims Hillary Clinton has a 92% changes becoming president of the united stats. Still it seams like they try to stay neutral.

USA today has approximately seven million readers daily and is one of the biggest newspapers in USA. They are known for giving a neutral summary of the election. They don’t always have political articles, and welcomes us to a view into the candidate’s life.


National public radio is a half independent radio station funded by both public and private donations. All Things Considered is most listened to radio program in the United States. They’re also neutral and cover a lot more topics then only politics.

The host of The Rush Limbaugh show is the conservative Rush Limbaugh and the station has 13,2 million weekly listeners. Limbaugh covers a lot of the election and is one of Trumps biggest supporters. He even has t-shirts that he sells on his webpage that says “never Hillary” and “I’m a Hillary deplorable”.


It seems like the biggest medias are the most neutral, but the smaller often had picked their side. It’s important to read and listen to multiple sources before you decide whom you stand with. This way you prevent getting fooled by not neutral sources.

Written by Sara Emilie and Sara Ulla



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