9/11 a day we will never forget

9/11 will always be remembered as the date of the worst terror attack in history took place. Four passenger airlines were hijacked by 19 Al-Qaeda terrorists. Two of the planes crashed into the south and the north towers of the world trade center complex in New York, also known as the Twin Towers. Another plane crashed into Pentagon in the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense in Virginia. The fourth plane was headed for Washington D.C, but the passengers manage to stop the hijackers. So therefor they crashed the plane into a field in Pennsylvania.

TWIN TOWERSSlide1519.jpg











At 8:45 am, Tuesday september 11th, a American Airlines plane were crash into the north tower of the world trade center in New York. The plane hit between the 80th and 110th floor, and made a big explosion due to the 20,000 gallons of jet fuel that were loaded in the plane. Only 18 minutes later the second plane hits the south tower, around the 60th floor. Just enough time for everyone to start filming the first tower, the other one strikes. The whole world watched the second plane hit, and the terrorist got their attack spread just as they hoped. People got trapped in the higher levels of the buildings and several were killed when the planes hit.



Five hijackers attacked the cockpit already 35 minutes into the flight. One of the hijackers were trained as a pilot and crashed the flight that was headed for Los Angeles into the Pentagon. All 64 passengers died and 125 other on the inside of Pentagon. The crash started a huge fire and lead to the collapse of the building.

9/11 2001 was the deadliest day in the history for New York firefighters, 343 lost their lives in the operation. All together there was almost 3000 people killes in the attacks.





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