Film review: Gravity

In class today we saw the movie Gravity, since we’re going to the IPN conference next Friday and listen to the former astronaut Rick Hieb.

The movie Gravity was released in 2013, and was directed by Alfonso Cuaron. It goes under the genre drama/sci-fi, and has received a total of impressingly 7 Oscar awards.

The movie has two main characters, Dr. Ryan Stone and Matt Kowalski, who are working on a spaceship. A storm of garbage hits and ruins their spaceship. Everyone inside and one of the astronauts die before they manage to evacuate. Ryan Stone tumbles through space, but Matt Kowalski recover her and they are able to navigate back to the spaceship. They find it in a very damaged condition, and decide to try to reach an International Space Station. After navigating 1.450 km they try to grab onto the ISS. Stone’s leg gets tangled in the parachute from the spaceship, and she grabs the rope that is connecting her with Kowalski, but they quickly realize that it can’t support them both.

Kowalski detaches himself from Stone despite her protests. After Stone gets inside the ISS a fire breaks out. She manages to rush to the Soyuz, but when she tries to navigate the parachute is tangled in the ISS. She spacewalks to detach the parachute from the ISS and release the capsule. The garbage storm strikes again and ruins the ISS. She uses the Soyuz to get to a Chinese space station, since she can’t use the Soyuz without the parachute. And finally starts her life make or break journey back home.

The two main characters are played by Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Sandra takes the lead as Dr. Ryan Stone, who is a brilliant medical engineer on her first shuttle mission. While Clooney plays the veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski who is on his last journey before retiring. Dr. Ryan Stone is both brave and smart, with an incredible willpower. She is very down to earth and likeable, and she fights till the very end. Matt Kowalski is noble and protective, kind and helpful. And he puts Ryan’s life before his own, which sadly leads to an unfortunate destiny for himself.

Almost all of the story takes place in space, except for a small part at the end when she has made it back home to earth.

My favorite part of the movie is in the end where Stone finally arrives to the Earth. It is very enjoyable to watch how happy she gets when she takes her first step on the ground after almost dying in space. I also “liked” the part when Kowalski gave up his own life to save Stone’s. I was very touched by that part. All in all I thought the movie was very interesting, and I would very much recommend it!


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