Rabbit Proof Fence

The movie The Rabbit Proof Fence is based on a true story, about three little half-caste (mixed between aboriginal and white) girls in Australia. It’s halfway trough the 20th century and the government in Australia are starting to take the half-caste away from their mothers and fathers. Molly, Gracie and Daisy are sent to a boarding school many miles from their mothers. Here they are trained to become maids and housekeepers for white people. After only a few days the three girls escape from the school and starts walking home. Mr. Neville, who started the discrimination of half-castes, sends many people looking for them. After several weeks of walking, they meet a guy who tells Gracie that her mom only is a train ride away. The sisters Molly and Daisy don’t want to go and Gracie still goes. At the station the police comes and takes her back to the boarding school. Molly and Daisy continuous their journey, and arrives back with mother after nine weeks of walking.

Molly is the oldest of the girls and is 14 years old. She is responsible and takes care of her sisters. She takes her eight-year-old sister and eleven-year-old cosine with her when she escapes form the school. Daisy, the youngest, doesn’t have a lot of opinions and just follows what her older sister says and dose. Gracie isn’t mature enough to take clever and smart decisions.

Mr. Neville works for the government and has his own little project. He wants to breed out the half-castes, because he thinks that would help them. His intentions are good but he doesn’t treat the well or with respect. He likes to have control and is a stubborn man. He lectures some ladies about breeding out the aboriginal where he makes it seem like being half-caste is a bad thing. This scene gives a bad impression of him, and makes him seem like the “bad-guy” in the movie.

The film is called the rabbit proof fence because the three girls follow the fence on their way home. I think the fence has a deeper meaning, for instance that the half-casts where separated from the rest. That was what the fence was made for, to separate the rabbits from the rest. I think the fence represents the separations of families and their half-caste children. That is why the movie is called the rabbit proof fence.

The scene in the movie that made the largest impression on me was in the beginning of the movie. When the government came and took the children away from their mothers. I wasn’t surprised or shocked I just think that was the most powerful moment in the movie.



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