The Pursuit of Happyness

Working with the Film

What is the genre of this film? The genre of the film is dramatic comedy.

Describe the setting (where does the story take place)? The story takes place in San Francisco in the 80’s.

What are the themes that are presented in the movie? The movie presents differences between people in the society, where some can have everything but others loses everything they have and still makes it.  

Explain what a Rubic’s Cube is and how it works? Why is the car ride when Chris solves the Rubic’s Cube, a turning point in the story? How might the story have been different had this incident not taken place? A Rubic’s cube is a mechanic puzzle.

When Chris solves this rubic’s cube, the CiO gets very impressed. At this time the rubic’s cube was new and only a math professor had solved it before. The internship Chris wanted was as a stockbroker, and as a stockbroker you have to be good with numbers. If this incident hadn’t taken place, the CiO would probably not think of him as someone special since he didn’t have any education besides of high school.


Who is the protagonist in the film? How would you describe his personality? Think of the many roles he has at this point in his life: husband, father, friend, salesman, intern, and tenant. Chris Gardner is the main character in the movie and he is a kind man. He has so many talents and a brilliant mind. He is also patient and is the kind of person who doesn’t give up.

Who is the antagonist (is there more than one)? Chris’ antagonist in this movie is the America’s society. Chris doesn’t get any help or money to help him raise his son, even though he doesn’t have a job.

What aspects of American society are present in the film? How are they presented? Americas social security system is very well presented in the movie. Christopher’s mother and Chris don’t get anything for not having proper jobs that makes enough to take care of them. 

What relationships are presented in the film and how would you describe them? Multiple relationships are presented in the movie, the relationship between Christopher and Chris are focused most on. Which is a strong father – son relationship. The strong relationship is very important to Chris, because he didn’t meet his father until he was 28. An other relationship is the one between Chris and Christopher’s mother, this one is not as strong and she leaves him early in the movie.

Culture and Society

Give examples from the film that depict multiculturalism. What contrasts do you notice? The movie shows very little multicultural in the society. Christopher’s daycare seams to be located in San Francisco’s China town where they are the only Afro-American. Chris is also the only black person at his internship.

Why do you think that Chris is so upset about “happyness” being spelled incorrectly? I think he gets so upset because to find happiness is so important to him.

What kind of information did Chris have on his CV and how is this received by the employers at the firm? The only information he  writes on his resume is that he finished first in his class in high school and first in his class in the navy.


Describe the day-care center that Christopher goes to. How is it different from the day-care that you went to? Think of rules and regulations concerning learning and safety and physical activity. The daycare Christopher goes to located in China town, San Francisco. It seams to be run by a old woman at her home. She doesn’t really learn the kids anything, she just let them watch TV. They don’t have a schedule either, so they don’t play outside or  have organized games.


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