Short stories

In class we have read two short stories so far. “A Long Walk to Forever” and “Lamb to the Slaughter”.

Lamb to the Slaughter is about a happily married woman named Mary Maloney. She was married to a police detective named Patrick Maloney, they had the same rutine everyday. Patrick would come home at 4:50 in the afternoon, then Mary made him a drink and later supper. The only exception was on Thursdays when they went out to eat. On the Thursday that the story takes place, Patrick says he don’t want to go out. Instead he tells Mary, who is six moths pregnant, about his affair and that he want’s a divorce. Mary tries to pretend that nothing ever happened or had been said. She goes downstairs and graps a leg of lamb for supper. When she gets upstairs again Patrick tells her to stop and that he’s going out to eat. Mary gets so mad that she hit’s her husband with the leg of lamb so hard that he dies. To create an alibi she goes to the grocery store right after she put the leg in the oven. When she gets home she calls the police and says that she found Patrick dead in the living room. Several police detectives and doctors came to Mary’s house to try to clear up the murder. Later at night Mary serves the leg of lamb to the detectives, witch gets rid of all evidence that could lead to her as the murderer.

Personally I liked Lamb to the Slaughter the best, because it had a more interesting plot then the other. A Long Walk to Forever had a lack “action” to it, but the way Mary gets away with murdering her husband is more interesting.


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